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Khidmat e Awam Welfare Association (People's Services Welfare Association) was registered officially in 2005 but like minded persons joined hands in 1999 to help people below poverty line in Sindh Sukkur rural areas and funds generated by among themselves. Members and volunteers worked day and night to help flood victims also.

Overall condition of Sukkur city is very poor Roads, Hygenic conditions, sewerage system, Primary education for girls , Women and child health services are very negligible specially in rural areas surrounded by sukkur city.

Agricultral awareness among the farmers also need special attention to promote new technologies and get better yield of their land. Vocational centres founded by our volunteers and members focused on child labor percentage reduction and help them to learn technical education according to their choice.

Poor Nutrition causing deaths among the new born or small children specially in Thar remote areas our team also planning to carry out surveys to provide them better food to minimize the death tolls which is increasing day by day, Irrigational water system to be developed in agricultural lands of rural areas.

Training centres to be open to train and qulify teachers to teach in remote and rural areas. Overall our NGO is committed to improve quality of life among people specially in rural areas by improving infrastructure to the best possible levels.

Our Mission

Khidmat-e-Awam welfare association focusing on girls primary education in rural areas in view of alarming facts and figures

Grim Girls Education Condition in Pakistan

Official statistics released by the Federal Education Ministry of Pakistan give a desperate picture of education for all, espcially for girls. The overall literacy rate is 46 per cent, while only 26 per cent of girls are literate. Independent sources and educational experts, however, are sceptical. They place the overall literacy rate at 26 per cent and the rate for girls and women at 12 per cent, contending that the higher figures include people who can handle little more than a signature.

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